Only the best grain and the most experienced millers can guarantee

a genuine and high quality semolina

Since 1967 Moderne Semolerie Italiane S.p.a. has been a durum wheat mill that buys and grinds only the best grains, with particular attention to the selection of the different types of national grains, in order to constantly ensure an excellent product.


Over 50 years of experience in wheat processing


Food safety is a guarantee of high quality standards


The latest grinding technologies ensure product stability

Step by step

From wheat to semolina

Among the first
mills in Italy

Moderne Semolerie Italiane was born in a territory where the production of durum wheat is a centennial tradition and it is still expanding today. Thanks to the long experience gained in the sector, Moderne Semolerie Italiane combines innovation with italian tradition.


Years of experience

That’s our added value, the basis on which we build the future of the company

The art of semolina

The secrets of an ancient craft shine with new life thanks to technology