The journey

of the grain of wheat

Before becoming semolina the grain of wheat makes a journey inside the mill which is the result of centuries of history and contemporary knowledge


Durum wheat is unloaded and stored at the plant’s silos


The wheat is wet and left to rest


After resting, the wheat is peeled to remove the outermost part, grinding in its purest form


At this point the grain is perfect, healthy and ready to be ground and thus transformed into semolina

Our production

100% italian semolina

100% italian whole wheat semolina

100% organic italian semolina

100% Italian organic whole wheat semolina

Semolina with a high protein content

Standard semolina

Tools and internal analysis

Moderne Semolerie is equipped with an internal quality control laboratory. This allows us to evaluate and maintain the quality of services over time.

A laboratory of excellence

The Moderne Semolerie laboratory has a team of accredited professionals and cutting-edge machinery 


Raw material and finished product

The laboratory continuously performs a wide range of¬† analysis on the raw material and on intermediate and finished products: percentage of mineral substances contained, the percentage of nitrogenous substances, humidity, colour, grain size, quantity and quality of Gluten. The laboratory is equipped with a kit which uses the “Elisa method” for the detection of mycotoxins and the Soy allergen.