The Miller. A very old profession

The miller is one of the oldest professions. Nowadays the work has completely changed and the professional figure of the miller has become the essence of milling art and cutting-edge technologies. It is thanks to these skills that, combined with the search for the best grain, working in harmony with nature and people, that today Moderne Semolerie Italiane produces one of the best semolina in Italy.


The importance of quality control

Food safety is a daily commitment

Moderne Semolerie Italiane is equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory for quality control.

Thanks to the high technology and control of every single lot, the company is able to guarantee high levels of food safety and the tracking of each product. Moderne Semolerie Italiane is also in possession of all the certifications required for a modern food company.

Quality and certifications

ISO 22000:2005

Certification body: Bureau Veritas
Food safety management systems.

UNI EN ISO 22005:2008

Certification body: Bureau Veritas
Production of semolina with grains grown in Italy, using a traceability system in the food chain that allows to go back to the origin of the product at any time.


Certification body: ICEA
Production of organic durum wheat semolina and organic whole durum wheat semolina.


Certification body: Italy Kosher Union
The dictates of the Jewish religion are respected for all the productions carried out in our company and for all the raw materials we purchase.