Only high-quality semolina

Moderne Semolerie Italiane is located in the Tavoliere delle Puglie, which has always been known as “Italy’s granary”, and it is among the most important milling plants on the national scene.  The production cycle of the plant is able to grind approximately 700 tons of durum wheat per day.

For over 50 years Moderne Semolerie Italiane has been grinding the best hard grains to get  highest quality semolina delivered to the biggest national and international pasta factories.

moderne semolerie grano duro

The Sacco Family and the grain.

In the Twenties, thanks to the intuition of Nicola Sacco the famous mill and pasta factory “Nicola Sacco & sons” was born. Since then, pasta has been exported all over the world. Thanks to the Economic Boom, which led to the increased consumption of pasta,and profound socio-cultural transformations, the food industries were completely transformed and modernised. Companies introduced new technologies, expanded production capacity as well as distribution networks.

A 100 year long story

In 1967, thanks to the passion and tenacity of  Umberto Sacco and his sons Mario and Vittorio SaccoModerne Semolerie Italiane was estabilished in Foggia, in the heart of  “Italy’s granary”. Tradition, experience, professionalism and innovation thrive in this land which is unique in the world, always so devoted to the production of durum wheat. Moderne Semolerie Italiane conveys this passion to their customers every day. The passion for this unique craft has then been passed on by Mario to his three children, Umberto, Pio and Patrizia.

The bond with traditions and the look towards the future

Moderne Semolerie Italiane is a company that continuously renews this profession over time thanks to the strong bond among the members of the family and the desire to wade into the future. Today the mill in Foggia is divided internally into two areas: one for the storage of the raw material and the phases of cleaning and wetting, freeing the grain from external substances and impurities; the other is dedicated to milling durum wheat in order to make semolina, whose characteristics vary according to the different needs of pasta consumers. Over the years, the continuous innovation of the production process, with the acquisition of cutting-edge technologies, attention to quality, logistics and governance have allowed us to gain the trust of stellar customers. All of this makes Moderne Semolerie Italiane an efficient and secure partner.